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The Zoot Guide to Triathlon Wetsuits

The Best Triathlon Wetsuits from Zoot Sports

Are you looking for the perfect triathlon wetsuit to take your swim performance to the next level and make your triathlon experience more enjoyable? The Zoot Wetsuit Guide will help you choose the right wetsuit to fit your needs.

Zoot has been leading the way in triathlon wetsuits since 2005, providing the best in fit, comfort, buoyancy, and modern technology. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced triathlete, the right Zoot wetsuit will help you swim faster, with more confidence, and with greater ease in open water. Our guide will give you all the info you need to make the best choice for you and your triathlon experience.

What type of swimmer are you?

Are you a beginner swimmer, or do you have years of swimming experience? Open-water swimming in a triathlon is much different than swimming in a pool; a wetsuit will most definitely make you swim faster.

If you’re more of a beginner swimmer, then spending the extra money on the most high-tech wetsuit won't benefit you as much as a wetsuit that is focused on being more buoyant. The Kona Wetsuit, with 4mm of neoprene in the seat and 5mm in the front leg area, will put a beginner swimmer in the best swimming position for a more efficient body profile in the water.

For swimmers who are fast but not quite at the top of their age group, the Zoot Bolt wetsuit would be an excellent choice. The Bold provides you with the most buoyancy and insulation while still being flexible enough for speedy triathlon swimming.

If you are already battling with the fastest athletes during the swim and are looking for the absolute best wetsuit option, the Wikiwiki was designed for you. Maximum flexibility along with buoyancy in just the right areas allow you to utilize your powerful stroke, rotation and kick. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that even if you’re an experienced triathlete and expert swimmer, swimming with any wetsuit will help you to swim faster than swimming without a wetsuit.  During triathlon training, swimming in a wetsuit can help improve technique, increase stamina, and also build confidence when going into race day, knowing you've already put some yards in your wetsuit.


Finding The Right Size

When it comes to choosing a wetsuit, finding the right size wetsuit is key. Your wetsuit should fit like a second skin, but not be so snug that it restricts your range of motion. The sleeves should rest at your wrist bone and the legs just above the ankle bone, with no gaps or excess material. For maximum performance and efficiency during your swim, look for a wetsuit that fits your form but still allows you to move freely in the water. With a properly fitted wetsuit, you'll be able to swim faster and with greater ease.

Please refer to our size charts to pick the best size for you:

Men’s Wetsuit Size Chart

Women’s Wetsuit Size Chart


Determine Your Budget

Wetsuits are an expensive investment, so finding a wetsuit that fits your budget is essential when deciding which one to purchase. Quality triathlon wetsuits usually range anywhere from $270 -$1200 so it’s worth considering how often you plan on using it for triathlon training or competing before purchasing; this could help you determine if an investment in a higher-priced wetsuit is worthwhile. If you’re just getting started with triathlon or are a beginner swimmer and plan on using it occasionally, then a more affordable wetsuit, like our Kona model may suffice. However, if you’re an avid triathlete and plan on using your wetsuit several times throughout the year and finding the “fastest” suit for you is important, then investing more money upfront for better quality will likely provide you with longer-lasting gear.

Remember, chlorine in a pool will destroy your wetsuit, so try to avoid swimming in a pool with your suit during your training, always rinsing your suit with cold water after each session, and avoid hanging your suit to dry in direct sunlight to prolong your investment.

 The top-of-the-line Wikiwiki Zoot Wetsuit

Choosing the Wikiwiki, the Bolt, or the Kona

Experience the ultimate performance of the all-new Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit, Hawaiian for "speedy fast". Engineered with a super thin FLEXskin 0.3 mm Yamamoto MarkIII super stretch neoprene, this suit will help you achieve faster stroke recovery after the catch phase. The entire arm and shoulder are designed with SCS Nano arms to improve hydrodynamic speed in the water. Constructed with 100% eco-friendly limestone neoprene and titanium coating, you'll experience maximum energy efficiency during your swim. Lightweight and sleek, the Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit is the perfect choice for triathletes looking to get the most out of their swims. Experience the speed and performance of the Wikiwiki 2.0 Wetsuit today and see why it's become one of the top choices for top age group triathletes and professionals worldwide.

The Bolt Wetsuit is the perfect balance between flexibility, buoyancy, and speed. Developed with insight from Ironman Champions and age groupers, it's the ultimate all-around wetsuit for triathletes. Utilizing Yamamoto AERODOME technology, it improves form and positioning in the water while providing superior buoyancy and speed. Flexible shoulder and chest panels increase range of motion and structural integrity, making it an ideal choice for triathlon training and race day. Experience the advantage of the Bolt Wetsuit and swim faster with less effort. Achieve your best swim split ever with the Bolt Wetsuit.

The Zoot Kona wetsuit is the perfect choice for triathletes looking to swim faster and more efficiently. With Aqua+ Grip technology and superior buoyancy, you'll have the perfect combination of speed and comfort in the water. Its new larger GLIDEflex grooved panels in the chest allow for full expansion for deeper breaths, so you won't have to “panic” breath at the start of the swim. The 2.0mm stretch arms and AQUAlift buoyancy technology raise the hips, positioning the body in the most efficient swimming position. This all-round wetsuit offers many of the key technical benefits of high-end Zoot Wetsuits at a great price, allowing you to slice through the water with ease.

Whether you decide on the Zoot Wikiwiki, Bolt or Kona wetsuits, you can be sure that you are choosing some of the most advanced and comfortable triathlon wetsuits on the market. Each of these wetsuits were designed with cutting-edge technologies to give you a comfortable fit while optimizing your performance in the water. You can be confident that with any Zoot wetsuit that you choose, you will be making a great choice for your next triathlon!


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