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Men's Ultra Swimskin

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The NEW Zoot ULTRA Swimskin uses the latest textile technology to maximize your performance in non-wetsuit swims. Zoot’s race legal ULTRA swimskin has been re-designed with years of testing on professional and amateur triathletes to make you more comfortable and faster in the water. 


  • WATER REPELLANT - Italian stretch-woven fabric where every filament is treated with Lot’o’dry patented Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to reduce water absorption. This lightweight hydrophobic fabric has an ultra-low drag coefficient which allows you to glide through the water faster.  
  • MAXIMIZE SWIM PERFORMANCE - Most triathlon race suits are constructed of hydrophilic textiles, meaning they like water. Hydrophilic textiles move moisture off the skin to keep you cool and dry on the bike and run. To maximize your swim performance you want to wear a swimskin on top of your race suit so you glide through the water. 
  • LONG LASTING DURABILITY - The fabric is treated during the early stages of the weaving process in such a way that every single filament receives the Lot'o'dry DWR. This leads you to have a very fast fabric in the water, a long lasting DWR performance (just to give you an idea, after 40 washes you still have the maximum of the performance) and a good breathability rate as it's not a mere coating applied on the surface of the fabric, blocking perspiration, yet it's applied on every single filamentWhen a race is non-wetsuit legal swimming in a swimskin will maximize your performance.   Proven by competitive and Olympic swimmers, fabric is faster than skin. Take time off your next non wetsuit swim.
  • MAXIMIZE MOBILITY – Legally, USAT and WTC (IRONMAN) rules allow the swimskins to come over the shoulders, but they must stay above the elbow. We have designed the Zoot ULTRA swimskin to be sleeveless to NOT impede your natural swim stroke and provide maximum shoulder mobility.  Through our testing, the advantage of wearing a compressive hydrophobic textile over the shoulders does not outweigh the benefits of increased shoulder mobility that a sleeveless swimskin can provide.  If you are wearing a Zoot sleeved racesuit under your swimskin, we recommend wearing the sleeves out as this will not hinder your performance and improve your T1 transition time.  
  • IMPROVED BODY POSITION – Compression is a key element in allowing a swimskin to work properly. Zoot’s ULTRA swimskin is designed to be compressive to support your muscles and improve body position in the water.   Zoot’s innovative fabric contains 36% elastane for flexibility in lung expansion and exceptional breathing ability.
  • QUICK TRANSITION – Easy on/off lanyard is attached to the highest quality YKK auto locking #3 zipper. The zipper is engineered to be reverse coil for low drag with a soft limestone fabric zipper guard to prevent chafing.  
  • NO SEW CONSTRUCTION - Ultrasonic bonded seams create a smooth surface to reduce drag and maximize speed. Advanced no sew construction also reduces chafing and provides for more flexibility and comfort.  


Swimskins are designed to be RACE FIT with integrated compression to maximize performance. We recommend buying the same size as your Zoot triathlon kit.  It will feel tight at first but will relax once zipped up and in the water.  

  • 36% Elastane for flexibility and 64% Polyester for long lasting durability.
  • sun UPF factor: 50+


  •  IRONMAN (WTC) specifies a water temperature of 76.1F (24.5C) as the cutoff for wearing a wetsuit.
  • USA Triathlon (USAT) specifies a water temperature of 78F (25.5C) as the cutoff for wearing a wetsuit.

Approved for USAT and WTC (IRONMAN) sanctioned events.



Orders ship within 1-2 business days.  All orders ship USPS or FED EX from our Zoot HQ in Southern California.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carol Hassell (West Palm Beach, US)
Very cool looking

I am using it in a race this weekend. Nice snug fit. Love the Kona pattern.

Preston Schaub (Poway, US)

Very impressed with everything about this item. The material, cut, zipper and overall craftsmanship are exactly what you expect from Zoots top-of-the-line. Upon first use, I'd estimate there was a 3-4 second difference in my 100 yrd time. Extrapolate that over a 2.4 mile swim and it doesn't take a calculator to justify this expense over swimming in your kit. Say goodbye to those pockets slowing you down and get yourself this swim skin for those warm water races. Also, as the website suggested, ordering the size of kit you would normally wear worked out perfectly.

rod thompson (Maumee, US)

Nice suit. Just did not work out for me.

Dean Raasch (Green Bay, US)
Really liking my new Podium!

Great fit, perfect compression! I really like the neck lines being lower-water does not leak in but I do not get any neck chafing!

Arnold “Arnie” Strebe. USAT Certified Coach (Bismarck, US)
Zoot Fan for years.

I’ve been using Zoot products for over 15 years. I’ve never been disappointed and race in a Zoot Ultra tri suit and look forward to using the new swim skin I just purchased. Their products are awesome.

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