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Women's Kona 2.0 Wetsuit - Pink Flora

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The 2022 NEW KONA 2.0 is an all-round wetsuit that delivers many of the key technical benefits of the high-end Zoot Wetsuit range without the high price tag. Packed with performance features and technology, the KONA has NEW LARGER GLIDEflex grooved panels in the chest to allow full expansion of your lungs. Many triathletes tend to “panic” breath at the start of the swim and the GLIDEflex panels release to allow the chest to expand for deeper breaths. Together with 2.0mm stretch arms and AQUAlift buoyancy technology that raises the hips to put the body in the most efficient swimming position, this wetsuit has been designed to increase speed and comfort in the water. With great price-to-performance ratio, you can't beat the Kona.


  • NEW larger GLIDEflex chest panels for more lung expansion
  • Comfort back neck panel
  • Yamamoto #38
  • Yamamoto SCS GLIDEflex
  • AQUAlift buoyancy profile
  • 100% silky smooth nylon liner
  • OKD - Optimal Kick Design
  • DORSALflex zipper
  • Durable Heat set Moontape and spot reinforcements on seams
  • YKK stainless steel zipper
  • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels


  • 100% nylon for easy entry and exit


  • Left and Right front chest – 3.0mm GLIDEflex
  • Center front chest – 4.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Shoulders – 2.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Arms – 2.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Under Arms – 2.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Back – 3.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Seat – 4.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Upper front leg – 5.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Upper back leg – 4.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Lower front leg – 4.0mm Yamamoto #38
  • Lower back leg – 3.0mm Yamamoto #38


Orders ship within 1-2 business days.  All orders ship USPS or FED EX from our Zoot HQ in Southern California.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Justine Goodman (Bradenton, US)
Pretty wetsuit

I really like the wetsuit but concerned about the water coming in probably thru the neck. It seems to come in and trickle down my arm whenever I am looking up.

Cassie Winter (Taberg, US)
Fast and fun!

My Zoot wetsuit has saved me 8 seconds per 100. I was surprised to feel the difference in the buancy of the legs and the rotational support for a smoother swim. My husband is just happy that it will be easier to spot me with the beautiful colors

sydney (Montebello, US)
Love it

I’ve only worn it once but I loved it. Don’t go by the sizing measurements, go by the height and weight sizing. According to the sizing measurements I was an XL, but I’m 5’1, 130lb!! I got myself a medium and it fits perfect. Arms are a little tight but I figure it’ll loosen up the more I swim. Thanks zoot!!

J M (San Jose, US)
Last Minute Save

I recently needed a new full wetsuit unexpectedly right before my half Ironman and this one fit like a charm. Tight, but very breathable. I received it days before by race, and my only long swim in it was on race day, which thankfully, I had no issues with it in the water. The sleeves are hard to roll down and off but I’m hoping that gets easier with more practice. Personally I am not a fan of the colors, but I did receive several compliments so others seem to like the print. I’m just glad it fit so well with no chafing or restriction of movement.

Janet Mercer (Kihei, US)
Women's Kona 2.0

This is my 3rd Kona full body wetsuit , I find they work really well for me. This design has the fuller expansion in the rib cage area and really makes a huge difference in getting deep full breaths without so much resistance from the suit. Huge improvement. The only critique I have for the suit is that the neck fabric seems thicker and much too tight, I felt choked and needed to go up a full size so that the neck would work.

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