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Men's Wikiwiki 3.0 Wetsuit - Gold

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The all new Wikiwiki 3.0 Wetsuit, Hawaiian for "speedy fast", delivers the most cutting-edge performance features on the market. Designed to promote a quicker stroke recovery after the catch phase, this suit is the fastest of its kind.  The entire arm and shoulder are engineered with FLEXskin 0.3 mm Yamamoto MarkIII super stretch neoprene.  Designed to feel like you are wearing a sleeveless wetsuit with the hydrodynamic speed advantages of fully coated SCS Nano arms.  Enjoy the ultimate flexibility and unparalleled buoyancy in the new Wikiwiki wetsuit.


  • NEW FLEXskin 0.3 mm Yamamoto MarkIII arms and shoulders
  • NEW Waterwing catch panel
  • NEW Comfort back neck panel
  • Yamamoto SCS Nano #40 and #39
  • Yamamoto SCS Nano Aerodome
  • AQUAlift buoyancy profile
  • ULTRA-stretch liner with 12% spandex and 88% silky smooth nylon liner
  • Super thin low-profile neck with fuse welded SCS Nano
  • OKD - Optimal Kick Design
  • DORSALflex zipper
  • Durable Heat set Moontape and spot reinforcements on seams
  • YKK stainless steel zipper
  • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels
  • Includes protective storage bag


  •  88% nylon and 12% spandex


  • Front chest – 5.0mm Aerodome 
  • Shoulders – 0.3mm FLEXskin
  • Arms – 0.3mm FLEXskin
  • Under Arms - 1.5mm  #40
  • Forearm catch panel – 2.0mm. Water Wing
  • Back – 2.0mm 
  • Seat – 4.0mm 
  • Upper front leg – 5.0mm Aerodome  
  • Upper back leg – 5.0mm Aerodome  
  • Lower front leg – 4.0mm 
  • Lower back leg – 3.0mm


Orders ship within 1-2 business days.  All orders ship USPS or FED EX from our Zoot HQ in Southern California.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jon (Mahopac, US)
Amazing if you can get it at a discounted price.

I've been doing Triathlons for 9 years. I'd say I'm an age group elite athlete at this point, but continue to struggle with swimming. Averaging around 132 per 100 yard in open water. I had an Xterra Vengeance and stuck with it until I stupidly tore it. It was a good suit, but definitely tight. It is more buoyant that this Zoot Wiki, so if you're very new to swimming in may be a good option to consider.

The Wiki Wiki is on an entirely different level. I believe the price is too steep, but finding a discount code helps resolves. The mobility in the shoulders and arms alone is mind blowing. Setting up a catch is easier in this. No question. The entire suit is more comfortable and flexible compared to my old Xterra vengeance. You simply feel less constricted throughout the entire suit which also puts less psychological stress on you while in the fray in the water. That's also something worth considering.

I can't say I expect this suit to last as long as the old Xterra given how thin the material on the arms is for mobility's sake, but only time will tell with that and for racing, I don't think a better suit exists. If I can continue to get this suit for $500-600, I would continue to invest in it once the other wore out. It's that freaking good.

It's an outstanding suit for an intermediate swimmer and probably superb for an advanced swimmer with great mobility which enables the user to more easily establish a high elbow catch position. The comfort, and fit are perfect. I'm 5' 8" 148lbs and got a size Medium. it fits me perfectly.

Robbie Simmons (Sacramento, US)

Overall, I have to say that I am really impressed with the Wikiwiki 3.0 wetsuit. I used to own a Roka Maverick and I always felt like I was fighting the buoyancy of the sleeves every stroke. My chest and shoulders would be so fatigued and sore during and after the swim. I thought it was maybe technique but I just couldn't fix it. So I decided to upgrade and by the Wikiwiki. I have been in the open water with it 3 times now and it is making a big difference in my comfort! I feel a lot better in my chest and shoulders. I have way more mobility in my arms. Everything fits super well with exception of the arms. I am more on the muscular side in my arms and they are a pretty tight fit initially when putting it on. Once I get into the water though, it loosens up and I don't notice it again during the swim. Also, this wetsuit is SO easy to take off! In my Roka, my feet would get stuck and I would jave to really fight to get out of it which would almost always lead to me cramping in my side. The Wikiwiki comes right off with very little effort which I know will save me some time in T1. Overall, I am super impressed and am so happy I invested in this wetsuit! Zoot for the win again!!

Francisco Marchesani (Santiago, CL)

Perfect fit. Comfortable. Shoulder free. Easy to get in


Fastest wetsuit out there! Super flexible for great range of motion. Fits excellent!

Dean Raasch (Green Bay, US)
Excellent Wetsuit!

I've swum in the new Wikiwiki 3.0 gold several times now and this is what I've found:
Neck chafing is virtually eliminated! I have used three other brands of wetsuits over the years and actually bled from all of them. This is a huge improvement for me.
The flexibility in the shoulders and arms is unbelievable! I really don't feel any more restriction than my sleeveless suit. Also, I don't feel like I am fighting buoyancy to push my arms down during the catch phase.
I can breathe. Chest restrictions have always been a concern for me in a wetsuit. Not with the Wikiwiki!
The new liner is very comfortable. I always use body glide on my lower legs and forearms and this suit is very easy and quick to remove. I didn't feel as if the suit was in danger of damage during removal.
This suit is making open water swim training a lot more fun, comfortable and productive!


Zoot only uses the very best neoprene in the world from the Yamamoto Corporation in Japan—the highest grade of rubber available. Yamamoto neoprene is limestone-based and has a different cell structure than the more commonly used petroleum-based neoprene. It is more flexible, more durable and is better for the environment than traditional neoprene. Yamamoto neoprene absorbs very little water, making Zoot wetsuits naturally lighter, warmer, more flexible and is better for the environment than traditional neoprene.


The all NEW Waterwing catch panel on the forearm increases the surface area on your  forearms and creates water turbulence in the stroke phase.  Using the same principals from testing in the wind tunnel, Waterwing reduces the vortex of water around the forearm, which is generated during the stroke phase and, consequently, reduces drag and helps bring the forearm into a vertical position as quickly as possible.   


The Wikiwiki 3.0 has 0.3 mm FLEXskin Yamamoto Mark III super stretch arms and shoulders for the ultimate flexibility.

Zoot Wetsuits are designed to make sure the shoulder and arms have as much flexibility as possible.  Our relentless focus on ensuring maximum flexibility means you can increase your distance per stroke, and have more mobility through every phase of your stroke with less fatigue. 


Yamamoto Aerodome is designed with air bubbles built between the fabric layers to make it lighter and more buoyant, producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene.


Zoot Wetsuits are designed with a raised back tab of butter soft neoprene to protect the back of your neck from chafing. 


The Wikiwiki 3.0 is engineered with a fuse welded, low profile neck for ultimate comfort.  The neoprene  is fully coated with SCS nano to eliminate friction and stop chafing.  


SCS (Super Composite Skin) is a hydrodynamic coating that improves swimming speeds by reducing drag thus allowing the suit to glide through water more efficiently.  Think of it as a high tech teflon coating that repels water and protects your wetsuit by reducing the possibility of rips and tears.   The Wikiwiki 2.0 uses SCS NANO which is the most hydrodynamic and durable wetsuit coating available. Super Composite Skin Nano reduces the suit’s underwater coefficient of dynamic friction to 0.026.  Less friction. Less drag. More speed.


2mm of neoprene around the back zipper gives better stretch for improved lung expansion. Zoot's DORSALflex zipper construction allows the zipper panel to stretch with the body which will eliminate the traditional restrictive feeling when zipping up. 


OKD is Zoot propriety leg patterning that forms to the angle of your knee in the water and works with your anatomy rather than fight it.  OKD ensures increased kick velocity, frequency, and efficiency. 


We only use YKK stainless steel zippers which close from bottom to top. This makes opening the wetsuit and getting out much simpler, easier and faster in transition.


Protect your investment with the included garment bag that will shield your suit from UV rays when not in use.  

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