Due to the overwhelming support for this unique collection we are currently sold out on some sizes and styles. We plan to produce more of this one of a kind collection.  Please stay tuned for additional releases and inventory restock.  


On April 2, 2020, Zoot recognizes World Autism Awareness Day. We created a  special limited Autism Ohana collection in an effort to increase the understanding and acceptance of people with autism, foster support within the triathlon community and inspire a kinder, more inclusive world.  With a percentage of every purchase from this collection going towards supporting the autism community in triathlon.

Meet Julie Bockey.  Triathlete, wife, nurse, and mother of two autistic children. This collection was inspired by her story, her journey, and her enthusiasm. Together, we are one Ohana.< “Autism gives us a reason, triathlon gives us a way.  The journey started well over a decade ago, watching mom(me) race from afar, feeling different as a family- to now where our son Jake competing in triathlons with the guidance of his father.  Love is felt by our triathlon community through the active acceptance of athletes with autism through smiles, high fives and asking about our why.  Together, we are building this AUTISM OHANA.”