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Team Zoot Athlete Profile - Christina Swift

My name is Christina Swift and I am on the Team Zoot 2021 team and wanted to share with y’all my story! 
I am a 27 year old rugby player gone triathlete to start off. I was a cheerleader at Florida Atlantic University and then started playing rugby and found a passion. After a year of playing FAU I got scouted to a D1 college in Atlanta called Life University and had the opportunity to play rugby on a scholarship. 
2014-2017 played D1 college rugby graduated and continued to Play Up and went to training at a full time facility during the summer American Rugby Pro Training Center in Little Rock, Arkansas! Traveling around the world and playing in different countries Dubai, Ireland, Barbados to name a few it was a good life! 
Fast forward summer 2019 i fractured my ankle in a tackle and ended up having to get fib/tin surgery 7 screws and a plate later... long road to recovery ahead! 
2020 starts I get cleared from Physical therapy and get to play in a tournament in March and then covid happens!
All I know is to be competitive and to play at the elite level... once that was taken away I had to find a new passion and I have the determination locked inside. 
My mom has been a triathlete my whole life growing up.. I know it’s in my blood she was a machine running 1:37 1/2 marathons in 94 the year after she birthed me!!! 
Lord knows I have it within me but have tried every other sport. May 2020 I buy my first road bike and start riding outside because Covid and there’s nothing else to do! I realize I am a decent biker since I’m a former rugby player but swimming hahahaaha you take the south Florida girl out in the water without her surfboard now that was funny!!!
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Took me about 3 weeks to be able to swim 200yds without stopping but now I was hooked! I found the amazing SteelmagNOLAs here in New Orleans and they took me under there wing and taught me all the ropes of racing. Special shout out to my captain Eve Kazik who taught me how to transition because thats what helped me most in my first race!!! 
 I signed up for my first sprint triathlon June 28th 400yd swim/ 10 mi bike/ 2 mi run and ended up 1st female overall!!!
You know damn well I was hooked then! I have done 2 triathlons since then and now have officially registered for the half Ironman may at gulf coast. I am beyond excited for this sport and can’t wait to see where it takes me! I train with GOATA in Gretna, LA and they are making me a super athlete and I am finally running without pain post ankle surgery. 
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Lastly, all of this wouldn’t have been possible with my extremely strong support system. My boss Tania Hahn is a former USA rugby player and has been my triathlon sponsor and made this sport a possibility for me to pursue. She sees something in me I have never seen and supports me 100%. I am extremely fortunate and I am grateful for every opportunity I get with this sport! 
Follow Christina at @cswifty on Instagram and #teamzoot

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