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Jordan Rapp

Jordan Rapp
<p><b>Hometown:</b> Scarborough, NY</p> <p><b>Residence:</b> Thousand Oaks, CA</p> <p><b>Personal Blog:</b></p> <p><b>Personal Facebook Page:</b></p> <p><b>Twitter Account:</b>!/rappstar</p> <p><b>Career Highlights:</b> </p> <p>1st - Ironman Arizona 2009. Course record. Bike course record.<br /> 1st - Ironman Canada 2009. Fastest bike. Fastest run. 2nd fastest time in course history.<br /> 3rd - Ironman Arizona Apr 2008. Closest Ironman finish in history. 40 sec 1st - 3rd.<br /> 3rd - Ironman Arizona Nov 2008. Bike course record.<br /> 4th - Wildflower 2009. Fastest bike split.</p> <p><b>Personal Bio:</b> In early 2010, triathlete Jordan Rapp was minutes from dying after he<br /> slammed into a car that pulled out in front of him during a prep<br /> interval on his bike. Prior to this, the lifelong athlete experienced<br /> his breakthrough year in 2009 with a fourth place at Wildflower, and<br /> then a course-record win at the Vancouver International followed by<br /> his win at Ironman Canada by over 15 minutes in the second fastest<br /> time ever on the course. That November, he broke an overall course<br /> record and new bike course record (breaking his own) at Ironman<br /> Arizona. Everything was going his way—until the car pulled out in<br /> front of him. He suffered severe injuries, lost ¾ of a gallon of<br /> blood, and after 18 days in the hospital could barely move. After<br /> months of rehabilitation, he is truly a comeback kid, having returned<br /> to defend his title at Ironman Arizona in 2010, less than eight months<br /> after his devastating accident, where he finished fourth among a very<br /> competitive field after leading the race for much of the day. 2011 has<br /> so far seen a continuation of the journey back to the top with win at the inaugural Leadman Epic 250, a 5th at California 70.3, 6th at Wildflower, and 11th at Abu Dhabi International. </p> <p><b>5 things we should know about you:</b> </p> <p>1. Married to wife Jill Savege, Canadian Olympic triathlete, with son Quentin Thomas Rapp.<br /> 2. Mechanical &amp; Aerospace Engineer from Princeton University 2002.<br /> 3. Lightweight rower at Princeton.<br /> 4. Does all my own bike maintenance.<br /> 5. Loves bacon.</p> <p><b>How did you first get into triathlons?</b></p> <p>I was rowing after college, hoping to make the US National Team, and I got injured. Triathlon seemed like a good way to stay active over the summer while taking a bit of a break from rowing. That was in 2003. It's been a long break...</p> <p><b>What was the first race you ever participated in and what place did you finish?</b></p> <p>New York Triathlon Club Harriman Sprint Triathlon, Harriman State Park, Harriman, NY. I finished 6th overall, winning my AG (20-24).</p> <p><b>What is your favorite race?</b></p> <p>Ironman Canada</p> <p><b>What is your favorite workout?</b></p> <p>20km Time Trial</p> <p><b>What are your favorite Zoot products and why?</b></p> <p>Zoot running socks. Most comfortable socks I've ever used. I actually wear them cycling too, because I like low-cut socks. <br /> <br /> CompressRx recovery tights. Great for if you have to drive after a hard workout.</p> <p><b>What is your proudest accomplishment?</b></p> <p>Winning Ironman Canada in 2009. When I first turned professional in at the end of 2005, my goal was to someday win an Ironman. When I finally achieved that at Canada, I felt like I'd justified my dream of being a pro triathlete. In a lot of ways, everything now is "extra." Not to say that I am satisfied, but I feel like I achieved that big, big goal that I set for myself when I said, "I want to be a pro triathlete because..."</p> <p><b>What motivates you?</b></p> <p>I'd say it's 50% fear of having a job that requires sitting at a desk and 50% a desire to discover what I'm "capable of." I think in many ways I race so that I can train, rather than vice versa. It's hard to get paid to ride your bike and run and swim in training. So the racing is a necessity. But if I had to give up one, I'd give up the racing before I gave up the training. The time with myself on the roads, the trails, and in the pool are what I value most.</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race meal?</b></p> <p>It's a big meal...<br /> <br /> 2x Laughing Giraffe Vanilla Almond Snackaroons<br /> 2x EnviroKids Koala Crisp Bars<br /> 1x Banana<br /> 2cups SoDelicious Original Coconut Milk<br /> 2scoops Ultragen<br /> 1serving Green &amp; Blacks Organic Chocolate (Dark 70%)<br /> 2x SaltStick capsules<br /> <br /> Works out to about 1200cal.</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race ritual?</b></p> <p>Nothing really ritualistic. It's all preparatory. Pump my tires. Set the zero offset on my powermeter. Check my gears. Set up my transition. etc. </p> <p><b>What is in your triathlon bag that you cannot live without?</b></p> <p>SaltStick capsules.</p> <p><b>What are your goals for the 2011 season?</b></p> <p>Get back to the top of an Ironman podium.</p> <p><b>Events you are racing in this season:</b></p> <p>Subaru Ironman Canada (August 28), Ford Ironman Arizona (November 20)</p> <p>ITU Long Distance World, Nov 5, Las Vegas, NV</p>

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