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Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen
<p><b>Hometown:</b> Great Falls, MT</p> <p><b>Residence:</b> Missoula, MT</p> <p><b>Personal Facebook Page:</b></p> <p><b>Career Highlights: </b></p> <p>Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2011 - 5th<br /> Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2007 - 7th<br /> Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2010 - 9th<br /> Lake Stevens 70.3 2009 - 10th<br /> Grizzly Triathlon 2011 - 1st</p> <p><b>Personal Bio:</b> I'm from Great Falls, MT. I grew up golfing, hiking and skiing. My senior year of high school, I decided I'd had enough of golf and started running. When I attended the University of Montana in 2003, I joined the UM triathlon team to meet people, even though I did not know how to swim. I met some great people, most of whom I'm still good friends with today, got sucked into triathlon and am now racing as a pro. From there I moved to Seattle for dental school. I graduated from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 2010, and now work as a dentist with the low income population at a community health clinic in Missoula, MT, pulling a bunch of teeth and pursuing triathlon any spare minute I have. When I'm not working and training, I'm most likely mountain biking and back packing in the summer, and telemark and nordic skiing in the winter. </p> <p><b>5 things we should know about you: </b></p> <p>I eat more ice cream than anyone, period.<br /> I did not have front teeth for 4 years.<br /> Now I'm a dentist and pull people's teeth out for a living.<br /> I have many nicknames, but won't tell you that easily.<br /> I live in the center of the universe (Missoula, MT).</p> <p><b>How did you first get into triathlons?</b></p> <p>I joined the University of Montana triathlon team simply to meet friends. I never thought I'd be racing Ironmans as a pro.</p> <p><b>What was the first race you ever participated in and what place did you finish?</b></p> <p>During my first race, the Grizzly Triathlon, in Missoula, MT, I hit a volunteer on my bike and sent her to the hospital. Not a good start into triathlon. After racing the Grizzly Triathlon 8 years in a row, with many 2nd's and 3rd's, I finally won it this year.</p> <p><b>What is your favorite race?</b></p> <p>Ironman Coeur d'Alene and the Grizzly Triathlon</p> <p><b>What is your favorite workout?</b></p> <p>Running up Mount Sentinel, 2000 ft in 1.75 miles.</p> <p><b>What are your favorite Zoot products and why?</b></p> <p>I love the Prophet wetsuit, it's the fastest wetsuit I've ever experienced. I also love the Zoot Kalani's to train with, and the Zoot Ultra Race 3.0 to race in. And the recovery sandals are amazing afterwords as well.</p> <p><b>What is your proudest accomplishment?</b></p> <p>Graduating dental school, passing boards and finishing 9th in Ironman CDA in the same month.</p> <p><b>What motivates you?</b></p> <p>Not sure, I think we're all messed up in the head to do this sport. </p> <p><b>What is your pre-race meal?</b></p> <p>Peanut sauce pasta with chicken and a big salad.</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race ritual?</b></p> <p>Wake up at 4am, eat, go back to sleep until 5am, go to the bathroom, get to T1 by 6am, go to the bathroom again, eat a gel at 6:45, and race at 7am.</p> <p><b>What is in your triathlon bag that you cannot live without?</b></p> <p>Rubber bands</p> <p><b>What are your goals for the 2011 season?</b></p> <p>Top 5 at IM CDA<br /> Top 3 at IM Wisconsin<br /> Run a 3:00 marathon in an IM.</p> <p><b>Events you are racing in this season:</b></p> <p>Viterra Ironman 70.3 Calgary (July 31), Ford Ironman Wisconsin (September 11)</p> <p>Bitterroot Triathlon<br /> Coeur d'Alene Olympic Triathlon</p>

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