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Named “The Top 10 Triathlon Essentials for Beginners” by Outside Magazine, the Z Force 1.0 is the perfect model for the newbie triathlete with an extremely attractive price-to-performance ratio. The Z Force 1.0 wetsuit is constructed with Yamomoto C38 and is coated with hydrodynamic Super Composite Skin (SCS). The SCS coating improves swimming speeds by reducing drag, allowing the suit to glide through water more efficiently. The Z Force 1.0 has the flexibility and buoyant feel of a high-end suit without the price tag.

  • Fabric:
    • Yamamoto C38
    • SCS hydrodynamic finish to help you glide through the water
    • Aqualift in the rear of the suit, 5mm neoprene to make you buoyant and get you in the correct position
    • DORSALflex zipper
    • OKD - Optimal Kick Design is Zoot's proprietary kick design, helps your legs stay in the natural body position to kick - save your legs for the bike and run
    • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels


  • SCS


    Super Composite Skin is a hydrodynamic coating that improves swimming speeds by reducing drag allowing the suit to glide through water more efficiently. Due to its ultra low surface friction 0.032 SCS coating improves neoprene’s surface abrasion resistance, durability and strength.


[ Women's WetzootsTM ]
(If you are close to the upper end of the weight range, size yourself up)
x-small4'10-5'2 in / 147-157 cm28-32 in / 71-81 cm90-105 lbs / 41-48 kg
small5'1-5'6 in / 155-168 cm30-34 in / 76-86.5 cm105-120 lbs / 48-54 kg
small-tall5'6-5'9 in / 168-175 cm33-34 in / 76-86.5 cm110-130 lbs / 50-59 kg
medium5'3-5'9 in / 160-175 cm33-36 in / 84-91.5 cm118-137 lbs / 53.5-62 kg
large5'5-5'11 in / 165-180 cm35-38 in / 89-96.5 cm135-160 lbs / 61-73 kg
x-large5'6-6'0 in / 168-183 cm39-42 in / 99-107 cm155-175 lbs / 70-79 kg