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  • The women's Wahine 1 Sleeveless is the perfect wetsuit for the swimmer looking for a fast sleeveless suit with incredible performance features. GLIDEflex grooved panels to allow you to fully expand your lungs. The SCS hydrodynamic finish on the chest and thighs reduces friction so you can go faster. The premium AQUAlift buoyancy panels in the lower core and rear raise the hips to put the body in the most efficient swimming position. With the flexibility and buoyant feel of a high-end suit without the price tag, the Wahine 1 Sleeveless is a great triathlon wetsuit.
  • Fabric:
    • Yamamoto #38
    • Yamamoto GLIDEflex
    • SCS hydrodynamic finish on chest and thighs
    • AQUAlift buoyancy panels
    • COMFORTcell Silver 100% Nylon
    • Water tight neck with SCS double closure
    • OKD - Optimal Kick Design
    • DORSALflex zipper
    • Durable Melco Tape and spot reinforcements
    • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels
    • Includes gloves


  • GLIDEflex


    Grooved panels of thin neoprene increase the stretch of the wetsuit for maximum lung expansion and unrestricted extension.

  • SCS


    Super Composite Skin is a hydrodynamic coating that reduces friction, allowing the wetsuit to glide through the water more efficiently.

  • OKD


    Zoot’s proprietary leg patterning works with the anatomy of the swimmers legs to increase kick velocity, frequency, and efficiency. The unique pattern reduces leg muscle fatigue allowing for a stronger kick throughout the entire swim.


[ Women's WetzootsTM ]
(If you are close to the upper end of the weight range, size yourself up)
Size Height Chest Weight
x-small 4'10-5'2 in / 147-158 cm 28-32 in / 71-81 cm 90-110 lbs / 41-50 kg
small 5'1-5'6 in / 155-168 cm 30-34 in / 76-86 cm 100-120 lbs / 45-55 kg
small-tall 5'5-5'10 in / 165-178 cm 30-34 in / 76-86 cm 105-130 lbs / 48-59 kg
medium 5'3-5'9 in / 160-175 cm 33-36 in / 84-91 cm 115-140 lbs / 52-64 kg
large 5'5-5'11 in / 140-180 cm 35-39 in / 89-99 cm 135-165 lbs / 61-75 kg
x-large 5'6-6'0 in / 168-183 cm 38-42 in / 97-107 cm 160-190 lbs / 73-86 kg