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The Pinnacle of Wetsuits, Zoot Prophet 2.0. Cutting edge technology and the most hydrodynamic coating combined with the most innovative patterning on the market, make the Zoot Prophet 2.0 a true flagship model for Zoot wetsuits. A hybrid design of Yamomoto Cell 40, Yamomoto Cell 39 and SCS Nano for state-of-the-art floatation, flexibility and hydrodynamics make this suit ideal for endurance swimmers. Zoot’s proprietary Confluence Fluid Design tested as the highest energy savings in comparison to catch panels (creates less resistance against the arm). The Aqualift in the rear of the suit is 5mm of neoprene for more buoyancy and helps hold you in the correct position. The Zoot Prophet 2.0 wetsuit represents the most advanced technology in wetsuit performance.

  • Fabric:
    • NEW- ZoneRx Core Compression Panel
    • Thickness: 4.5/4/3/2 MM
    • NEW- Zero Water wrist cuff closure
    • NEW - 2mm Speed Release Ankle Panel
    • Yamamoto C40
    • Yamamoto C39 Atmosphere
    • SCS Nano hydrodynamic finish
    • DYNAhull single sleeve Yamamoto C40 construction
    • Zero Water comfort neck closure
    • Super Stretch non-absorbent polyester interior lining
    • CFD - Confluence Fluid Design tested as the highest energy savings in comparison to catch panels (creates less resistance against the arm)
    • Aqualift in the rear of the suit, 5mm neoprene to make you buoyant and get you in the correct position
    • DORSALflex zipper
    • OKD - Optimal Kick Design is Zoot's proprietary kick design, helps your legs stay in the natural body position to kick - save your legs for the bike and run
    • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels


  • Yamamoto Cell 40 Neoprene

    Yamamoto Cell 40 Neoprene

    C40 neoprene produces unparalleled freedom of movement with long lasting durability. This extremely flexible neoprene provides maximum range of movement for an effortless stroke and energy savings.

  • Yamamoto Cell 39 Atmosphere

    Yamamoto Cell 39 Atmosphere

    Hundreds of air cavities within the neoprene act to place you in the optimum swimming position, raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed.

  • SCS Nano

    SCS Nano

    The most hydrodynamic and durable wetsuit coating available. Super Composite Skin Nano reduces the suit’s underwater coefficient of dynamic friction to 0.026 (in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene). Less friction. Less drag. More speed.


[ Men's WetzootsTM ]
(If you are close to the upper end of the weight range, size yourself up)
x-small5'3-5'8 in / 160-173 cm36-37 in / 91-94 cm128-145 lbs / 58-66 kg
small5'4-5'9 in / 163-175 cm38-39 in / 97-99 cm140-165 lbs / 64-75 kg
small tall5'8-6'1 in / 173-185 cm38-39 in / 97-99 cm145-168 lbs / 66-76 kg
medium5'8-6'1 in / 173-185 cm40-41 in / 102-104 cm162-185 lbs / 73-84 kg
medium tall5'11-6'2 in / 180-188 cm40-41 in / 102-104 cm165-190 lbs / 75-86 kg
medium large5'10-6'2 in / 178-188 cm42-43 in / 107-109 cm180-200 lbs / 82-91 kg
large5'11-6'3 in / 180-190 cm43.5-45 in / 110-114 cm195-215 lbs / 88-98 kg
x-large5'11-6'5 in / 180-196cm45.5-47 in / 116-119cm210-235 lbs / 95-107 kg
xx-large6-6'6 in / 183-198 cm47.5-49" / 121-124 cm220-255 lbs / 100-116 kg


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