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Apparel Innovation


Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed.

Pack-It Pocket

Wear it, then stash it when you're warmed up. The pack-it pocket allows you to stuff the jacket into the pocket for tight storage.

Reflective Details
Reflective Details

Sometimes, heading out in daylight just isn't and option. On early morning or evening runs, Zoot's reflective accents help you stay safe.

FlatLock Seam Construction
Comfort means forgetting you're wearing anything at all. FlatLock seams ensure next-to-skin comfort and helps prevent chafing.

Layering is fast when the layers are light: Each component working in concert, keeping you solely focused on going faster. WRKSnano is a three-layer sandwich of wind and waterproof protection that is not only incredibly lightweight but offers a four-way stretch pattern that conforms to your every move. In other words—fast.


A micro-jacquard fleece that is sculpted to do the work of warming and wicking without adding weight. An elegant solution for staying comfortable and fast in ugly conditions.


Engineered for warmth and moisture-management without excess weight, MEGAHEAT® provides 4-way stretch and keeps you warm and dry without the added bulk of layers. MEGAHEAT® technology uses the sweat it’s wicking away from your body and through a chemical process, actually generates heat back to you. The fiber cells also amplify the sun’s ultraviolet rays into readily available heat. In effect, MEGAHEAT boosts your skin’s thermal warmth by 7°F.


This unique ultra lightweight woven fabric provides wind and water protection with mechanical stretch.


MICROlite+ is a unique blend of multi-denier moisture wicking yarns with a soft brushed back to keep you warm and dry.


Circular knit construction combined with micro-denier polyester yarn provides moisture-wicking performance and next-to-skin comfort.

Engineered for warmth and moisture-management. This performance knit combines a brushed polyester back with high modulus spandex.
Engineered for warmth and moisture-management without excess weight. This Super-soft plush-back nylon has 20% spandex to create 4-way high modulus stretch. The addition of MEGAHEAT technology allows this fabric to be extremely lightweight without sacrificing warmth. 80% Nylon ensures durability.
Water-repellent knit exterior and thermal liner combine to create the perfect cold-weather material. A high performance, wind and waterproof PU membrane provides maximum protection with exceptional breathability. Water Repellent Knit System exterior sheds water and is extremely quiet while in motion (WRKS: Water Repellent Knit System).
Transfer Brief Construction

This incredibly lightweight circular knit is used in our Performance run short briefs. Named for its incredible ability to move moisture away from the skin. The extremely soft hand and lightweight construction is ideal for next-to-skin comfort.

Cam Lock Zipper

Zoot's Cam Lock Zippers lock in place and cannot be pulled up or down when locked. This allows you to control venting while riding or running and eliminates noisy distraction from a bouncing puller.

Backdraft Cuffs

Integrated internal cuffs sewn into outerwear, built to keep wind out.

Liquid Core

The quick drying capabilities of the Liquid Core collection are the key to keeping your core body temperature regulated during intense outdoor activities. Constructed of high elastane (brushed-back) fabric and Seamlink for maximum mobility, the Liquid Core collection also provides superior insulation and breathability. Pair with your favorite outer and mid-layer for the ultimate warmth and protection.

Thumb Loops

Engineered opening in the sleeve of our tops to hold sleeves in place and keep wrists warm.

Spin Drift

Your perfect outer layer during the chilly months, the Spin Drift collection provides the wind and waterproof protection you’ll need this season. Three layer construction comprised of a quiet knitted outer fabric with a polyurethane membrane allows for moisture management and maximum breathability. The dual action performance of wicking from the inside combined with the DWR on the outside, provides cold and wet weather protection in highly aerobic sports.


BIOwrap rovides targeted muscle support for increased endurance and reduces damage caused by muscle vibration.


Dark colors, by nature, absorb much visible and invisible light rays (i.e. heat) than lighter colors, making you hotter in the sun. When the suns shining, Coldblack® is working double duty to reflect UV rays and heat rays in dark apparel, keeping you cooler. Coldblack(R) makes dark apparel act like light colored apparel, letting less heat through and reflecting sun rays. Sun Reflector. UV Protector. Coldblack(R)

Wind Swell

For exceptional weather protection and breathability without the bulk, the Wind Swell collection has you covered. The Wind Swell collection is constructed of a lightweight woven polyester shell that uses an ultra-fine denier yarn in a ripstop pattern for high wind protection and water repellency.


Zoot's proprietary stitch maximizes stretch, provides next-to-skin comfort, and minimizes chafing.

Dawn Patrol

Dedicated to providing insulation and repelling water, Dawn Patrol mid-layers are constructed for ultimate performance. This innovative Zoot fabric features a unique construction with two surfaces: a soft outer layer with DWR protection and a fleece lined interior for ultimate comfort and warmth. The Dawn Patrol mid-layers provide the warmth and comfort of a knit with the protection of DWR.

Hipster VENTflex Liner

Clean-finish Ventilator Mesh insets replace the tight elastic hem found in traditional run briefs. The result is a supportive run with a more comfortable fit in the hip flexor area.

Ocean Side

Lightweight mid-layers for the cooler days, the Ocean Side collection will keep you warm without any added weight. The sanded-back knit on the inside keeps you warm while wicking sweat to the outside to keep you dry.

USA Triathlon Approved

This product has been tested and approved by USA Triathlon.

Durable Water Repellent. DWR is a high performance treatment that repels moisture so your apparel doesn't get saturated with water. DWR treatment repels water while still allowing fabric to breathe.

Ultra-lightweight woven fabric with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish is designed to provide protection from the elements without compromising stretch and breathability. Fibers are treated with nano particles to protect from water absorption and also allow fabric to dry quickly. Waterbased stains bead up and roll off. Oil based stains sit up on the fabric allowing you time to wipe them off.


Engineered for warmth and moisture-management without excess weight. This soft, brushed-back polyester provides warmth without unnecessary weight by using MEGAHEAT® technology.

ULTRArevo is a tightly constructed knit with superior muscle stability and moisture wicking properties. The high-gauge construction uses opaque yarns that provide 50+ UPF. Xtra Life Lycra® provides extended chlorine resistance. 50= UPF
ULTRArevo Gloss
Hydrophobic ULTRArevo Gloss repels water, reduces surface drag, and makes you faster in the water Each fiber is individually treated prior to fabric construction, resulting in maximum water repellency and eliminating thin films that crack and peel off. Kona legal. 50+ UPF

IceFil® combines three technologies creating a body responsive and heat repelling cooling technology in one unique fabric. Thermal radiation blocking technology blocks infrared rays creating 3.5°F of cooling. Xylitol yarn component interacts with your body's moisture creating an additional 2°F temperature drop at the skin and microdenier polyester yarns create a moisture wicking textile that pulls moisture away from your skin and helps it evaporate. 50+ UPF

This micro-stretch single knit jersey is the ultimate in comfort and performance. The "slub" yarn construction creates slight striations in the fabric which provide texture, visual interest as well as moisture wicking properties. 50+ UPF
Hip Holster Pocketing

The ideal location for your nutrition is around your waist. It is the area of the body that is always accessible, has the least amount of movement and is the easiest to get to.

Ultra Biowrap Muscle Support

For over 25 years Zoot has been using innovative fabrics that provide increased muscle support for the athlete. The combination of these innovative fabrics and body-specific patterning create a garment that stabilizes muscles, reducing damage caused by vibration. The result; increased muscle endurance, elevated muscle performance and optimized muscle temperatures. Zoot’s ULTRA BIOwrap Muscle Support provides support levels that range from 10-15 mmHg.

Endurance Biowrap Muscle Support

Lap swim workouts, the long ride and track workouts all feel better when your muscles are supported. Zoot’s Endurance BIOwrap Muscle Support provides compressive support through innovative fabrics and anatomically specific patterning. 8-12 mmHg

Dynamic X Postural Support

Zoot ULTRA patterning at its finest. By using purposefully engineered fabrics for specific functions, we are able to do amazing things with apparel. Dynamic X represents this by providing postural support in ULTRA Tops and Racesuits.

Integra SBR 2D Pad

SBR 2D: Swim-Bike-Run 2 dimensional. Micro-denier polyester yarns are meticulously brushed to create a fleece pad that provides incredible next to skin comfort, shock absorbing protection and low bulk. The 2D construction found in ULTRA products provides an additional layer of support for athletes looking for increased protection.

Integra SBR 1D Pad

SBR 1D: Swim-Bike-Run 1 dimensional. Single layer protection using Tricycle Fleece allows for comfortable protection from road vibration on the bike and low bulk on the run.

Ventflex Brief Construction

Clean Finish construction in the hip flexor area replaces the tight elastic hem found in traditional run briefs. The result is a more comfortable short with an enhanced fit and greater range of motion.

Ultra Bra Construction

Dynamic X support is achieved by pairing two panels of TekSheen fabric cut diagonally for controlled modulus without sacrificing ventilation.

Ultra Cycle Pad

The first spacer-mesh cycle pad construction developed in conjunction with Eschler of Switzerland and TMF Pad in Italy.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection
UPF 50+ Sun Protection
Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with UPF 50+ sun protection.

The heart of the ULTRA raceday line lies in our ULTRAsol fabric. Moisture-wicking and thermal-regulating performance comes from polyester ceramic yarn technology. Titanium core yarns create an opaque construction providing a 50+ UPF rating.

  • 82% Polyester 18% Spandex
  • 228gm/2
  • ULTRA Tri & Cycle Bottoms

The ultimate in performance mesh. TekSheen's engineered stretch provides maximum muscle stabilization and ventilation without increasing fabric weight.

  • 79% Nylon 21% Spandex
  • 228gm/2
  • ULTRA Tri, Run & Cycle
ULTRAcell with IceFil

ULTRAcell w/ IceFil® combines three technologies creating a body responsive and heat repelling cooling technology in one unique fabric. Thermal radiation blocking technology blocks infrared rays creating a 3.5 degree F of cooling. Xylitol yarn component interacts with your body's moisture creating an addition 2 degree temperature drop at the skin and microdenier polyester yarns create a moisture wicking textile that pulls moisture away from your skin and helps it evaporate. UPF 48

  • 100% Micropolyester
  • 158gm2
  • Ultra Run, Ultra Cycle

Vellum’s high-gauge construction creates a more compact fabric, resulting in a lighter weight textile with more moisture-wicking polyester. 12% spandex content brings the fabric closer to the body, creating a more streamlined fit.

  • 84% Polyester 16% Spandex
  • 165mg2
  • ULTRA Cycle

This tissue-weight knit achieves its incredibly soft hand from its high gauge construction. The result is a fabric with extraordinary moisture-wicking performance and dry time.

  • 100% Polyester
  • 83gm/2
  • ULTRA/Endurance Run

Optimum compression and muscle support reduces muscle fatigue and extends endurance. Four-way stretch provides an unrestricted range of motion.

  • 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
  • 210gm/2
Ventilator Mesh

Performance compression and open ventilation keeps the athletes cool and well supported.

  • 83% Nylon 17% Spandex
  • 157gm2
  • Endurance Tri & Cycle
MIRCOlite 3D

Moisture-wicking polyester and engineered birds-eye construction make our MICROlite 3D fabric perfect for our endurance-level run tops and sublimated cycle jerseys.

  • 100% Polyester Knit
  • 140gm/2
  • Men's Endurance Run, Men's & Women's Endurance Cycle

Moisture-wicking polyester and engineered birds-eye construction make our MICROlite fabric perfect for our apparel.

  • 100% Polyester Knit
  • 162gm/2

Micro-denier polyester yarn provides moisture-wicking performance and next-to-skin comfort. 8% spandex content adds muscle support and performance fit.

  • 92% Polyester
  • 8% Spandex
  • Endurance Run
  • 243gm/2

The lightweight, polyester mechanical stretch construction of DYNAsilk makes it perfect for our run shorts.

  • 100% Polyester Stretch Woven
  • 78gm/2
  • ULTRA Run, Endurance Run

Everyday comfort and performance in a plain weave stretch woven.

  • 100% Polyester Stretch Woven
  • 80gm/2
  • Endurance Run

Designed for open-water swimming, this engineered knit combines a tightly knitted construction with a water-repellent finish. The result is a hydrodynamic fabric that increases glide performance while swimming.

  • 64% Polyester, 36% Spandex
  • 275gm/2
  • WetZoot
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